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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer is the Ohio Department of Higher Education initiative to manage, direct and promote all programs related to the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy, which was created in response to legislative concerns over the ability of students to transfer effectively between Ohio’s public post-secondary institutions of higher education.

Helping Students

By building a comprehensive credit transfer system, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, in collaboration with public institutions of higher education in Ohio, helps students customize an educational pathway that fits their needs and budget.

Knowing in advance that the courses and programs taken at one of Ohio’s public institutions will transfer around the state gives students the flexibility of choosing lower-cost and more convenient options. Students are able to accumulate credits from an inexpensive community college or branch campus prior to transferring to a four-year university that is often within 30 miles of each other.

In addition to saving money, students who take advantage of easy transfer are more likely to excel academically and graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

By taking advantage of the easy and flexible within  Ohio’s 14 universities, 24 regional campuses and 23 community colleges, students – from high school graduates to returning adults – can establish a clear pathway for gaining the skills and knowledge necessary for a productive and satisfying future.

Resources for Administrators

  • Advanced Placement (AP) - Legislation passed in 2007 and took effect in the fall of 2009 guarantees college credit for any of the 36 Advanced Placement tests currently available from the College Board. Any Ohio student attending an Ohio public institution of higher education who scores a '3' or higher on an AP test will receive this credit, which will usually count towards the general education curriculum, and in many instances the Ohio Transfer 36 credit or even a Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) credit.

  • Apprenticeship Pathways - The Apprenticeship Pathways initiative advocates for individuals completing apprenticeships by incorporating these experiences into academic credit to provide a pathway to a technical associate's degree at Ohio's two-year public colleges, saving these students time and money and encouraging them to advance their academic credentials to contribute to a strong, educated workforce.

  • An Articulation and Transfer Advisory Council was created to facilitate and guide the efforts that will ease credit transfer among Ohio's institutions of higher education.

  • The Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC) was developed to support Articulation and Transfer policies and help streamline the transfer process by exchanging student data through the state's electronic transcript system.
  • Articulation and Transfer Research tracks transfer movements among Ohio's public institutions of higher education. The research also measures the benefits of transfers – cost-savings, for example – and evaluates state initiatives.
  • Awarding of College Credit for Military Training/Experience - Ohio's public institutions of higher education are committed to the acceptance and awarding of college credit for military training and experience. Legislation passed in 2014 required the Ohio Department of Higher Education to create Military Transfer Assurance Guides (MTAGs) to streamline the awarding of college credit for military training, experience, and coursework.
  • Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)² - Legislation directs the Ohio Department of Higher Education to work collaboratively with the Ohio Department of Education, public adult and secondary career-technical education, and public institutions of higher education in Ohio to establish criteria, policies, and procedures to transfer agree-upon technical courses from one system to another. There are 32 CTAG pathways in 24 specific career-technical areas.
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) - Students with prior learning in a particular discipline area can take a nationally recognized exam to demonstrate their competencies.  Starting fall 2017, any Ohio student attending an Ohio public institution of higher education who scores an established threshold score on a CLEP exam in the first twelve exams will receive college credit that can apply toward graduation.  Many of the aligned credits are awarded toward the Ohio Transfer Module and Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) areas.  Statewide policies are established on a course-by-course basis and will be developed throughout 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic years.  
  • Faculty and Staff Resource Videos  - This faculty and staff resource website contains a video pertaining to faculty’s commitment and requesting their service in Ohio’s ever-growing transfer initiatives, as well as various videos describing the current transfer initiatives and promoting Ohio's Transfer to Degree Guarantees to students and parents. Any of the materials can be used as training guides for new and existing faculty and staff at Ohio's public institutions.
  • The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways enable students to streamline credit transfer among the state's public institutions of higher education to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers. 
  • Ohio Transfer 36, which is a subset or the complete set of a public college's or university's general education requirement that represents a common body of knowledge and academic skills, is comprised of 36-40 semester hours of courses in the following fields: English composition and oral communication; mathematics, statistics and logic; arts and humanities; social and behavioral sciences; and natural sciences. Additional elective hours from among the five areas make up the total hours for a completed module. 
  • One-Year Option - The One Year Option was established by House Bill 59 and allows graduate from Ohio Technical Center 600 or greater hour programs to earn a block of technical credit toward an Associates of Technical Studies.
  • The Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) are advising tools that include the Ohio Transfer 36, pre-major/beginning major courses called “TAG courses”, advising notes, and foreign language requirements, when applicable.  All courses in TAGs are guaranteed to transfer and apply directly to the major requirements accordingly.  In totality, the TAGs are guaranteed pathways for students and are very powerful advising tools for faculty and other advisors. There are 52 TAG pathways in 13 specific discipline areas presently involving close to 4,000 approved matches. TAG courses are developed, endorsed, and reviewed by faculty in the content areas.
  • The Transfer Guarantee Reporting Systems are resources to help students, parents, admissions officers, counselors, academic advisors, registrars, and other college and university personnel with the transfer of credits by identifying statewide guarantees for the Ohio Transfer 36, Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG), Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG), Military Transfer Assurance Guide (MTAG), and Advanced Placement (AP).