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Earning College Credit: Options for Career-Technical Students


For Students:

Options for Career-Technical Students

Student ModuleThis interactive learning module explores the various ways that career-technical students in Ohio can earn college credit before completing high school. Students and their families will gain insights and learn how to determine which options for college credit will benefit them the most and are the right fit for their academic and career goals. Students will also learn how to successfully transfer earned college credit to the Ohio college or university of their choice. Career-Technical administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors are encouraged to share this module with students and families. Other important topics include:

  • Understanding CTAG requirements
  • Advanced Placement options for CTE students
  • Participation in College Credit Plus
  • Benefits of CTAGs, AP, and CCP
  • Resources for college and career planning


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For Administrators

Expanding Options for Your Career-Technical Student

Administrator ModuleThis interactive learning module explores the various ways that career-technical administrators and teachers in Ohio can expand opportunities for their students to earn college credit. Information on how to participate in Ohio’s initiative for statewide articulated credit in career-technical fields, Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs), is explored, as well as ensuring that faculty are able to help students receive credit for this work. Additional resources and topics on college and career planning for students, and the role of a CTE professional, are explored throughout this module. Other important topics covered include:

  • Verification forms
  • Understanding CTAGs
  • Advanced Placement options for CTE students
  • Participation in College Credit Plus
  • Getting your career-tech course approved


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Teachers and staff can help students succeed by encouraging them to:

  • Research career fields
  • Carefully select high school courses
  • Stay informed
  • Meet requirements to transfer credit

Teachers and staff can help students succeed by learning these important steps:

  • Determine if your course is a CTAG
  • Have your CTE course approved  as a CTAG
  • When and how to complete verification forms