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Articulation and Transfer Policy Updates due to COVID-19

With all the challenges we have been facing with the coronavirus’ impact on education, we have been getting many questions about our transfer policies. It is a very fluid situation, as you know—as one decision is made, it influences another. The Chancellor has approved the following temporary changes to Articulation and Transfer policy; these changes were developed after consultation with the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network (OATN) Oversight Board and other stakeholders:

The Ohio Department of Higher Education truly appreciates everyone’s flexibility and trust as we work hard together for our students. If you have any questions,  please contact Dr. Paula Compton at pcompton@highered.ohio.gov or (614) 466-3334.


Natural Sciences Lab Requirements for Summer Term 2021 and Fall Term 2021

For Summer Term 2021,  if students are not able to meet in-person for their natural science lab requirement, the policy of not requiring in-person or hybrid natural science labs for Ohio Transfer 36 courses and TAG courses will still be in effect.  Organic Chemistry highly recommends in-person lab experiences if possible.

After discussions with the TAG and Ohio Transfer 36 Natural Sciences faculty leads, the OATN Oversight Board, and with challenges of COVID-19 still being a reality for Fall Term 2021, the following waiver for Natural Sciences laboratory courses will continue to apply: If students are not able to meet in-person for their Natural Science Lab requirement due to COVID-19 and capacity issues, the policy of not requiring in-person or hybrid natural science labs for Ohio Transfer 36 courses and TAG courses will still be in effect for Fall Term 2021. The Organic Chemistry TAG faculty highly recommend in-person lab experience, if possible. 


The Acceptance of FY20 Spring AP Exam Scores for College Credit

The College Board recognized that high schools were closing and teaching and learning options for AP courses varied across the country. The College Board also needed to close its own testing sites across the country.  These necessary changes impacted the ability of students to complete their Spring AP coursework and take AP Exams.  The College Board quickly responded.  First, they are offering free on-line instruction that AP students can access.  Second, they adjusted the content of the AP exam so that only content taught through March would be tested.  Third, they found a way for the FY20 Spring AP exams to be taken remotely.  These decisions were made in consultation with their stakeholders, including secondary and higher educational faculty, administrators, and counselors.

The OATN recognizes the need for these changes and the need to hold students harmless in light of these changes.  Consequently, it is OATN policy that the FY 20 Spring AP Exam scores will be accepted for college credit, using the same guarantees that exist in current policy. 


Virtual Labs Meet Natural Science Ohio Transfer 36 and Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) Requirement

The Ohio Department of Higher Education recognizes that faculty in the discipline and their institutional leaders are in the best position to understand the unique needs of their students and the disruptions that have occurred to coursework, including natural science laboratory courses.  

The OATN understands that faculty members are, as they believe appropriate, providing alternative learning experiences, including virtual experiences, to allow students to achieve the required outcomes of the laboratory experiences. Consequently, the OATN is temporarily suspending its policy prohibiting virtual natural science laboratory experiences; virtual laboratory experience will meet the natural science OT36/TAG lab requirement from Spring Term 2020 through Spring Term 2021.

Spring Term 2022 Information

Fall Term 2021 Information

Fall Term 2020 and Spring Term 2021 Information


Pass/Fail Grades Accepted for Ohio Transfer 36 and Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) Courses for FY20 Spring Term

Ohio's Articulation and Transfer Policy currently states that students will receive college credit for Pass/Fail grades in most situations; exceptions exist for accreditation requirements or when native students are required to earn a C grade.  Due to COVID-19, many of Ohio’s colleges and universities are offering students the option to receive Pass/Fail (or credit/no credit) on their transcript in lieu of a letter grade.  In order to provide students with certainty in the transfer process, students who receive Pass (or credit) for a course taken during the Spring FY20 and Summer FY21 terms will be guaranteed to receive transfer credit and have that credit applied as if it were a letter grade according to current OATN policy.


Ensuring Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) College Credit

The Ohio Department of Higher Education, working closely with our partners at the Ohio Department of Education and other stakeholders, developed this guidance to ensure that secondary career technical education junior and senior students remain eligible for the CTAG credit.