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Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) provides a chance to earn college credit for skills and knowledge you may have gained outside of a classroom setting, usually through on-the-job training and additional work experience. It permits colleges and universities to award credit to students on a case-by-case basis for experience that does not qualify for any other transfer credit opportunity. 

What You Need to Know 

  • Unlike the other initiatives on our website, CPL is not a statewide transfer initiative, and Ohio public colleges and universities are not required to award CPL credit. Most institutions have a process for CPL, but you are not guaranteed to receive credit if you pursue this option. 

  • The CPL process varies among institutions and among disciplines. CPL could require any of the following: 

  • Completion of a written, oral, and/or practical exam with a faculty member  

  • Submission of a portfolio of your work 

  • Verification of an industry-recognized credential  

  • Any additional assessment method which the institution deems necessary 

  • Payment of a processing fee 

  • If you would like to explore CPL, you should contact the Office of Admissions or the Registrar at your college or university to learn more about the CPL policies at that institution and to speak with an advisor to determine if CPL would be appropriate for you. 

Other Opportunities for Credit

  • Advanced Placement - Students who take a College Board Advanced Placement examination and score at least a '3' are guaranteed college credit upon entering an Ohio Public Institution of Higher Education. 
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) - Students who take a CLEP exam and score above a pre-determined threshold are guaranteed college credit upon entering an Ohio Public Institution of Higher Education.

Explore Your Transfer Options

This tool offers a comprehensive listing of approved credentials that can award ITAG credit at Ohio public institutions. You can search by credential with the option to view specific colleges or a listing of all institutions that have equivalent courses.  


Email transfer@highered.ohio.gov with any questions.