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How to Access (CT)² Credit


Welcome to the Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)² Verification of Course/Program Completion Form webpage. This page is dedicated to explaining how to access (CT)² credit by using the Verification Form when needed. With the introduction of Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV), Verification Forms will not need completed in most instances.

How (CT)² Works

(CT)²works by aligning the content of career and technical programs at high schools, career centers, and Ohio Technical Centers with courses at Ohio's community colleges and universities. Once an institution has a program or courses approved, students that meet all requirements for a specific CTAG/CTAN are eligible for college credit at any of Ohio's public colleges or universities that offer the course(s)/program. 

How to Redeem (CT)² Credit

The Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV) technical initiative is a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to facilitate post-secondary career-technical transfer credit opportunities. New technology allows the electronic exchange of data between the two agencies into ODHE’s Higher Education Information system (HEI) and takes the place of paper Verification Forms. 

To access credit for courses not eligible for CTAV, students will need to request that a Verification Form be sent by the career-technical education institution from which they graduated to the college or university that the student wishes to attend.


Complete Part I of the Verification Form. Request an official high school or GED transcript to be sent to each college/university of your choice in addition to this form. 

NOTE: Before requesting that the Verification of Course/Program Completion be sent to a college or university, please make certain that the college/university where you wish to enroll offers the technology major. The statewide guarantee of credit transfer applies only when the career-technical institution has an approved program/course and the college/university you are interested in attending offers the chosen technology. You are responsible for providing proof of your credentials and licenses.

You are encouraged to visit with a financial aid officer at the destination institution to determine the impact on your eligibility for federal financial aid.


High School and Adult Education Centers 

Career-Technical Institution (secondary and adult): Complete Part II and III of this form to verify the student’s completion of approved (CT)² courses and programs. This form must be used as a supplement to an official high school or GED transcript. Apply an official stamp or raised seal and mail the form directly to the receiving institution. After completing, please keep a copy for your record.

NOTE: Career-Technical Institution’s may make copies of the original form as long as an official stamp or raised seal and signature of the (CT)² Contact Person are applied on each copy before being mailed out. 

Instructions for Part II: To be completed by Sending/Verifying Institution (Career-Technical Institution):

Initial for which program/courses the student successfully completed that are approved for CTAN matches by the review panel in each area.

Note 1: CTAN stands for Career-Technical Articulation Number. It is a unique number assigned to the content areas. These areas can be viewed as courses and/or programs that students may have completed at your career-technical institution.

Note 2: Statewide guaranteed credit hour values shown are the values assigned to each CTAN and represent the guaranteed amount of credit to be awarded at the college/university.

Note 3: In order to assure the validity and accuracy of information on this form, please double-check on the ODHE’s (CT)² website that your courses/programs have been approved for the (CT)² statewide guarantee.

Note 4: Please make sure that the college/university your student is interested in attending offers the program that he/she has completed and is eligible for college credit through (CT)² statewide credit transfer guarantee.

The Verification Form should be submitted by a school offical and not submitted by the student.


Colleges and Universities 

Part IV: For the Receiving Institution (College or University): Course credit must be awarded to the matriculating student with verified CTAN numbers in one of two ways:

1. A course or program for which your institution has received (CT)² approval. In such cases, the courses and their associated credit hours will be transcripted and applied to the applicant’s technical major.

2. In the absence of an equivalent course, and when the institution offers the technical program, credit will be granted by the receiving institution that is no less than the value of the guaranteed credit hours for that Career-Technical Articulation Number (CTAN) or Career-Technical Articulation Guide (CTAG) with the specifics determined by the receiving institution. The Management Report on ODHE’s website shows whether your institution must award college credit in a particular technology. 

In order to verify the accuracy of information, please ensure that the sending institution offers courses/programs that have been approved by the CTAG faculty panels for receiving college course equivalency credit. Approved course/program information and Management Reports for both career-technical institutions and colleges/universities are available on the ODHE website here.

Students must show appropriate credentials to or request for online verification by each college/university in each CTAN/CTAG that they have successfully completed. 

Please don’t forget to encourage students requesting college credit through (CT)² statewide guarantee to meet with a financial aid officer at your institution to determine the impact on the student’s eligibility for federal financial aid.

Receiving institutions may contact (CT)² coordinators when questions or issues arise. A list of (CT)² coordinator contact information is available on the Ohio Department of Higher Education website here.

Should you have questions about Verification of Course/Program Completion Form or Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)², please contact the help desk at 614.644.6767

The (CT)² statewide guarantee is available to applicants who hold the following credentials and/or licenses. Please verify these credentials/licenses upon application and admission to your institution.



Who to Contact

         Contacts for the summer months. May not be regular contact person during the school year