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College Credit for Military Experience

Military Transfer Assurance Guides

Military Transfer Assurance Guides (MTAGs) provide a statewide guarantee that certain types of military training, experience, and/or coursework align to existing college and university courses and will be awarded appropriate credit. 

MTAGs currently align with the Ohio Transfer 36, Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs), and Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs). However, this is only a small portion of an institution’s course inventory. Through statewide training provided by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, institutions are required to evaluate military training, experience, and coursework for potential alignment with their own courses and programs. 


Military Transfer Assurance Guides & Other Military Credit 

To earn potential college credit for training, experience, or coursework you have received while in the Armed Forces you will need to submit your Joint Service Transcript (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard) or your Community College of the Air Force (Air Force) transcript to the institution you are attending. Typically this goes to the office of admissions. If you have any coursework that carries a statewide guarantee (MTAG) that credit and course equivalency information will be automatically posted. For other training, experience, and coursework you will need to self-advocate on your respective campus. Meet with an academic advisor, faculty advisor, transfer credit specialist, etc.. and ask about options for having your military coursework evaluated. Some alternative methods to this evaluation process could be utilizing an institutions' credit-by-exam options (test out of certain courses), portfolio assessment (where you assemble a portfolio of your training to apply it to a specific course or degree requirement). Some institutions will award general education or degree specific credit based on pre-deployment training, or multi-cultural training you received while in the Armed Forces (credit for overseas deployments). If applicable to you, please make sure to ask your institution if they award credit for this and what documentation is required from you.

Explore Your Transfer Options

This tool offers a comprehensive listing of approved MTAG programs and courses that can be transferred to Ohio public institutions. You can search by program and school district with the option to view specific colleges or a listing of all institutions that have equivalent courses.  

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Should you have any questions about MTAGS, please feel free to contact  us at Transfer@highered.ohio.gov