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Ohio Transfer 36

Ohio Transfer 36 provides guaranteed transfer credit for a complete set or subset of general education requirements at an Ohio public college or university. Ohio Transfer 36 courses ensure timely progress toward your degree by guaranteeing successful completion of general education coursework throughout your transfer experience.

What You Need to Know

  • The Ohio Transfer 36 consists of the full set or a subset of a the general education requirements for Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or bachelor's degrees. If you are pursuing any of these degrees and are planning to transfer from one Ohio public college or university to another, you should work with an academic advisor to select appropriate Ohio Transfer 36 courses for your general education requirements.
  • The Ohio Transfer 36 consists of lower-level general education courses that are commonly completed during the first two years of full-time enrollment as a college student.
  • Ohio Transfer 36-approved courses are more likely to fulfill general education requirements at both your current and future institution than those that are not. You should consult with your academic advisor to ensure that the general education courses you take at your original institution are Ohio Transfer 36-approved.
  • Upon transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at an Ohio public institution of higher education, Ohio Transfer 36 approved coursework taken may transfer toward the completion of an institutions general education curriculum.
  • Completion of an Ohio Transfer 36 course does not guarantee that you will fulfill specific program requirements for your intended major. Please review related Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways and consult with your academic advisor to select appropriate courses for your intended degree that will fulfill general education and major-specific requirements alike.

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Explore Your Transfer Options

The Credit Transfer Tool allows you to determine which Ohio Transfer 36 courses transfer to various Ohio public institutions of higher education. You can keep search requests as broad or as specific depending on your educational aspirations.  


Email transfer@highered.ohio.gov with any questions.