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Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways

Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways

The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP) provide a clear path to associate degree completion and then to bachelor’s degree completion in a related major. By following an OGTP, you can ensure that you are taking coursework that will not only transfer but apply to your desired degree.

What You Need to Know

  • Any student interested in earning an associate degree through one of Ohio’s public institutions can participate.
  • If you complete all of the coursework within one of the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP), you will be eligible to earn an associate’s degree from your college.
  • The successful completion of an OGTP will be recorded on your transcript, and upon transfer to a public bachelor’s degree program, all coursework taken as part of the pathway will transfer toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree in a related major.
  • Completion of an OGTP does not guarantee admission to a certain program of study. Admissions may be competitive. Please consult with your academic advisor.
  • OGTP can provide College Credit Plus students with direction in the coursework they will need to complete a certain degree.
  • Use the OGTP Search Tool to find your pathway now.  

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Email transfer@highered.ohio.gov with any questions.